Sea Level
a long poem by CORNELIA HOOGLAND
publication date: November 2013

32 pp., thread bound, 5.75"x 7.25"
ISBN # 978-0-9880819-7-0, sold out
cover of St. Armand Canal, flyleaf of Thai Mango
original artwork by Howard Humchitt

A chewed stick. Wolf?
Ripe scat.
A snag of hair on a low branch.
We wonder how to read; what to ask.

We feel more confident about ravens
making easy loops above the pack,
accounting for its members and checking out
the latest kill. Picking clean the bones.

Our neck muscles get a workout. Up
is a new direction for us.

~ from Sea Level

Cornelia Hoogland has published six books of poetry. Sea Level is based on her nonfiction piece
that was a finalist for the 2012 CBC Literary Non-fiction Awards. Research for Sea Level took her to Bella Bella, B.C. to study Canada's grey wolves.
She lives on Hornby Island, B.C.